Arnie Wilson for Ongosa: Skiing with the Stars

Ongosa are very excited to welcome award-winning ski writer Arnie Wilson on board as a guest contributor. Arnie will be sharing some of his experiences of skiing with famous figures from Eddie the Eagle to Heston Blumenthal in the coming weeks, so keep checking back in here.

Published on Tue 19 Mar, 2019

Arnie Wilson has been lucky enough to enjoy an unusually varied career – as a ski correspondent and author, a Fleet Street showbiz writer, and a TV reporter – sometimes all three at once!

Throughout his career (which included being Financial Times ski correspondent and Editor of Ski+Board Magazine) Arnie has skied with many interesting people from all walks of life.

He managed to have lunch with Clint Eastwood and ski with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sun Valley Idaho, have stellar breakfasts with Buzz Aldrin and William Shatner (both keen skiers in their day), ski with former world champion racing driver Damon Hill , and present a copy of one of his ski books to former president Jimmy Carter on the slopes of Crested Butte, Colorado.

Arnie will be talking to some of these figures (from the world of ski and beyond) finding out how they got into skiing, why they love it, and the positive effect it has had on their life. All his stories can be found right here with all other Ongosa Adventure-Sports-Life articles.

Read what Heston Blumenthal had to say when Arnie asked what skiing means to him.

Arnie spent 15 years working in television, including a decade as a news and current affairs reporter, before becoming the ski correspondent for the Financial Times in 1986.

He wrote more than 250 articles on skiing during that time, the first ski writer to be featured every Saturday for a full year. Think it's too late to learn to ski? Remember it was only at this point that Arnie took up the sport. “It never occurred to me before I took up skiing at 30 that it would have such an incredible and wonderful impact on my life” he says.

Arnie Wilson with Heston Blumenthal
Arnie enjoying some ski resort gastronomy with Heston Blumenthal

Not content with this, in 1994 he achieved the feat of physically skiing every day of the year, taking in 240 resorts in 13 countries worldwide along the way. You can read about the venture in the Guinness Book of Records, or in Ski the World, the book Arnie wrote about the trip, including a foreword by someone they met along the way by the name of Clint Eastwood.

More recently Arnie is known as the long serving editor of Ski+board, the Ski Club of Great Britain magazine, from 2001 to 2013.

He has skied many times with the great Franz Klammer, heli-skied in Alaska with Tommy Moe (the 1994 Olympic downhill champion) and with the late and much missed Bill Johnson, the 1984 Sarajevo downhill champion in Crested Butte and Telluride, Colorado.

He even skied with Eddie the Eagle before he was famous - at a race-training camp in Austria.

Other achievements and accolades include having skied in nearly 730 ski resorts, and having skied all of America’s 37 “Skiing States”. In 1999 he was named British Ski Writer of the Year and in 2012 Arnie was the first winner of the Telegraph Ski Magazine’s ‘Polar Bear Award’ for an Outstanding Contribution to Snowsports over 25 years.

Eddie the Eagle with Arnie Wilson
Arnie with Eddie the Eagle

So keep checking back in to see his pieces which will posted soon, telling tales of his amazing careern and the people he has skied with along the way, starting with world famous chef Heston Blumenthal, GB skier Chemmy Alcott and Novelist Peter James amongst others to follow.

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