5 Best Ski Helmets 2019

The latest in our series of Gear Guides and Kit Reviews for 2019 - find out which are the best ski helmets to keep you safe, warm and stylish on the slopes this winter.

Published on Tue 02 Apr, 2019

Which is the coolest helmet on the hill? The one with the most stickers on it obviously, yes, but underneath that... 2019 has seen some amazing innovation in the ski helmet market in safety and usability - all is revealed in our overview of the best new releases from 5 top brands in 5 key categories.

Reviews of 2019's Best Ski Helmets

Oakley MOD 5 Ski Helmet

Oakley MOD 5 | £160 

Best New Features 

One of the most feature rich on this year’s list, yet two of the most genuinely useful and innovative developments may be the simplest. Firstly the MOD 5's MBS (Modular Brim System), which takes helmet and goggle integration to a new level. MBS means the brim is detachable, and can be swapped for a different sized brim, so that the helmet shape can adjust to fit with different ski goggle shapes. The second is a chin strap using magnetic latching, so it is much easier to use with gloves on. Simple and hugely helpful for most skiers!

Smith Vantage MIPS Ski Helmet

Smith Vantage MIPS | £219 

Best All-Rounder 

The most expensive non-race helmet on our list, but the tag is justified with the Vantage leading the way in all-round quality and attention to detail. It has 21 vents (13 more than the Oakley Mod 5) controlled by 2 separate sliders. This allows you easy customisation with the ability to open the front or back halves of the lid, or both, so you can be fully protected whatever the weather. Honeycomb Aerocore construction improves energy absorption in a crash, and (get ready for the next technical acronym) MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) adds protection against the rotational motion in a fall to help prevent concussions. Read this to find out more.

Salomon MTN Lab Ski Helmet

Salomon MTN Lab | £135

Best for Backcountry/Touring 

Drag as little weight up the hill as possible with the super lightweight MTN Lab, with shock absorption technology which means it meets the requirements for both skiing and climbing. 

The merino wool and AdvancedSkin ActiveDry fabric liner allows for thermoregulation, so you can loose some extra heat when skinning up, and not cool down too much when charging down. It even comes with an extra summer liner, for those serious enough to engage in high altitude summer expeditions.

Poc OBEX SPIN Ski Helmet

Poc OBEX SPIN | £165 

Best for Freeride 

Winner of the Skiers Choice award for Powder helmets, OBEX "SPIN" doesn’t refer to the wearer’s trick preferences, it stands for ‘Shearing Pad Inside’, which is a silicone pad based rotational impact deflection technology system to rival MIPS. Adjustable ventilation allows you to precisely meet the day’s conditions, with integrated vents at the front of the helmet allowing air to flow through the goggles. 

Worth noting is another great feature Poc have introduced on another of their models this year, the Auric Cut Backcountry Spin - it has an integrated RECCO reflector which emits a signal to help in search and rescue situations, a great safety feature which makes the Auric worthy of an honourable mention.

Sweet Protection Volata MIPS | £230 

Best for Racing

Based in Trysil, Norway Sweet Protection produce great quality helmets for all users - a ringing endorcement is that their race helmets like the Volata have worn by some of Norway’s best homegrown skiers, in Henrik Kristoffersen and Axel Lund Svindal, who’s first Sweet Protection helmet in 2012 was the first helmet with MIPS to be used in the World Cup. Good enough for them? Good enough for us. 

As a true race helmet, a chin guard can be easily mounted for slalom skiing, with front and rear in-molded Gate Shields to protect from gate impact.

So as usual with ski kit, different items suit certain styles of skier better than others - whatever your style, you can be sure that one of these 5 best ski helmets will be just the right fit for you and keep you protected in 2019. Another great way to stay safe on the pistes is enlisting the help of a qualified instructor to help you get the most out of your mountain trip. Just let Ongosa know what you need and we find the perfect instructor or guide for you.

All helmet prices on this page are guide prices only and are subject to change.

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