5 Best Kitesurfing Spots For Beginners

When an adventure sport looks as impressive and high-octane as kitesurfing does to the uninitiated, it can be tough to know where to start when giving it a go for the first time. Well, aside from taking on the help of a qualified instructor, you can help yourself by picking one of the best kitesurfing spots for beginners, that is, one which has conditions which make it easier to learn.

Published on Thu 11 Apr, 2019

Here are our recommendations of kitesurfing spots for beginners, which will most commonly be those with a calm, shallow teaching area such as a sheltered bay or lagoon. These areas also often have less in the way of obstacles around, namely swimmers, beach goers and other kitesurfers, giving you the space you need to progress. Big waves and deep water are best saved until you have advanced above true beginner level, as are gusty wind conditions - less strong, more consistent winds are more conducive to progression.

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Best Kitesurfing Spots for Beginners in Spain

Kitesurfing in Tarifa


Seen by many as the best kitesurfing destination in Europe, Tarifa offers a 10km long bay with a wide beach and kitesurfing available across almost all of it. Sample some of Europe’s best kitesurfing, and some its best culture too, with amazing Mediterranean food and a vibrant nightlife waiting for you when you drag yourself out of the water.

With its location on the southern tip of Spain, Tarifa is blessed with consistent winds and warm water. There are some strong gusts to watch out for, especially the wind known to the locals as ‘Levante’ which blows in through the Strait of Gibraltar, mostly from July to October. It is useful for beginner kitesurfers to note that the wind is calmer in the morning, and builds into the afternoon windspeed of 8-19 knots.

Tarifa is a true centre of kitesurfing, meaning there are a large number of high quality instructors based there. All this combines to make Tarifa a firm favourite with beginner kitesurfers and advanced riders alike.

-Average July Wind Speed – 13 knots

-Average July Air Temp – 20°C

-Average July Water Temperature – 23°C

Best Kitesurfing Spots for Beginners in France

Kitesurfing in Lacanau


With the famous lake and a 14km beach which offers more than enough space to practice launching and landing in safety, Lacanau is a hotbed of wind and surf sports.

Only an hour from Bordeaux, with air temperatures which usually range from 18 to 24 degrees and water temperature of around 17 to 21 degrees, and the added benefit of being able to learn on flat water on the lake, this amazing environment really is a great kitesurfing spot for beginners.

-Average July Wind Speed - 6 knots

-Average July Air Temp - 20°C

-Average July Water Temperature - 20°C

Best Kitesurfing Spots for Beginners in Portugal

Kitesurfing in Lisbon


Well known as one of the cultural capitals of Europe, with a rich history and vibrant atmosphere, Lisbon also offers access to some of the best kitesurfing beaches on the Portuguese coast.

The kitesurfing around Lisbon is often a well kept secret, so you can enjoy world class conditions without the usual crowds which go with them - a huge bonus when starting out as a beginner kitesurfer.

There are multiple spots around the city where you can kitesurf, the best spot for beginner kitesurfers to head to is the Albufeira Lagoon about 45 minutes drive from the city centre, which offers a more controlled environment to learn, with standing-depth water.

-Average July Wind Speed - 8 knots

-Average July Air Temp - 24°C

-Average July Water Temperature - 19°C

Kitesurfing in Peniche


North of Lisbon, giving access to the fantastic conditions of the Portuguese coastline but in quieter surrounds than that of the capital, is the quaint medieval fishing port of Peniche.

The surf here is as popular an attraction as the town itself, with a world class swell attracting all levels of riders. While the pros are busy at the beach, beginners can head for the flat water and consistent winds of the Obidos Lagoon 15 minutes away.

-Average July Wind Speed - 9 knots

-Average July Air Temp - 23°C

-Average July Water Temperature - 19°C

Kitesurfing in The Algarve


Portugal’s southernmost point, Lagos, receives 300 days of sun per year, and you won’t find many days with less than 15 degrees water temperature in winter.

The lagoon is the best beginner kite surfing spot in the Algarve, with perfectly flat and shallow water, ideal for learning the ropes. The only people allowed on the lagoon are kitesurfers, meaning less traffic and making it easier to focus on learning the basics.

-Average July Wind Speed - 9 knots

-Average July Air Temp - 24°C

-Average July Water Temperature - 21°C

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