Booking a Ski, Snowboard or Climb Instructor: What to Know

To help you get the right fit this winter, we’ve got a few pointers for you. In contrast to a mountain guide, typically when you’re booking a snowsports instructor you’re looking at a much shorter time period such as a half day or day. And you’ll be focusing on one particular area of your sport.

Published on Fri 22 Feb, 2019

How big is your group size?

In general, smaller groups over shorter periods of time get the best results. Sessions with people who are of the same standard as you, can make for a much improved learning experience.  Not only do you have an instructor who can point things out, but more people picking up tips and looking out for each other, can accelerate learning and help to keep you focused when the instructor isn’t about.

Feedback is key!

Advancements in teaching practices are making instruction a much more engaging experience. For instances, the use of smartphones to capture a video of you, and then playing this back to you can really help with showing you (not just telling) where your technique can be improved, or where bad habits need to be ironed out. When Booking your Instructor, check with them if they offer video feedback.

You may want to take advantage of local ski guides that can take you off piste (they need certain qualifications), show you new areas to explore and introduce you to the kit, techniques and local terrain.

Looking for that inside knowledge?

Why not take a private instructor for the whole week? Not only will you benefit from dedicated instruction and someone to track your progress throughout the week,  but you can also enjoy the added value of inside knowledge about the area: such as the best restaurants for a coffee in the sun! Oh and another bonus, especially at the busy times, in some resorts if you’re with an instructor you get to avoid the lift queues!

Overall though, be conscious of who you book. By looking for areas of common interest and similarities in approaches to teaching and learning, you can dramatically improve your experience. Over to you, what’s been your experience? We’d love to hear from you, so tweet us or facebook us and share your thoughts.

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