Why You Should Consider Skiing In Scandinavia

Published on 23rd Oct 2018

Skiing in Scandinavia - we are all vaguely aware it's an option, but have you ever really considered it for your next ski trip? Now’s the time.

The fjords and frozen lakes of Scandinavia form some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet - to ski in Norway or Sweden can be written off as a fanciful dream, or that you need to Nordic ski for hundreds of miles to find that kind of tranquility. Well in actual fact, it’s not an unattainable dream, its a genuinely great option for your next ski trip.

Here is a quick Ongosa overview of why you should seriously consider skiing in Scandinavia.

Why Go Skiing in Scandinavia?

Top Terrain for Beginners

The mountains which are home to Scandinavia’s ski resorts are generally less high than the alps which most UK skiers are used to. This often means that pisted runs (yes there are pistes, not just cross-country ski trails) have a generally more forgiving gradient, great for beginners and improving skiers, looking to work on their carving. Picture: Hemsedal, Norway

Great Provision for Families

Taking the family away can often (but not always) mean there are young skiers present. Anyone wondering if Scandinavian ski resorts have the same childcare infrastructure as popular French or Austrian resorts can rest easy. Resorts often have creche facilities, the easy beginner ski terrain mentioned above, a great range of non-ski activities for all family members from top quality spas to dog sled excursions, and the next point of course…

Excellent English-speaking Ski Schools

The standard of instruction in Scandinavian resorts is generally excellent, with the standard of English spoken by local instructors equally good. Swedes and Norwegians essentially speak English as a second language, and when passing on technical details of the nitty gritty of skiing, a language barrier of any kind can be very costly.

Plenty of Ski-In/Ski-Out Accommodation

Skiing often stretches right back to the town, with shallower nursery slopes easily accessible on foot from hotels. Not always the case in other European Alpine resorts, which can lie up in high sided valleys and need lifts to get up to the majority of the beginner-friendly skiing. Picture: Geilo, Norway

Consistent and Great Snow

This is the original winter wonderland - ski conditions are reliable from November to May, so much so that many resorts offer a snow guarantee, meaning they will refund your lift pass if there isn’t enough.


Not only the prettiest scenery of any ski resorts, but maybe of anywhere in the world, with the Northern lights and fjords drawing skiing and non-skiing tourists alike from all over the planet. It may be best to let a picture do the talking here…

Ongosa can recommend and book ski schools in Norway and Sweden, just let us know your requirements and we do the rest. Just make sure you get to enjoy it before everyone else gets the same idea!

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