Solo Skiers: Private or Group Lessons?

Thinking of learning to ski as a solo skier? It can seem daunting, however here at Ongosa we are in the business of making adventure sports easily accessible for everyone - and that means you.

Published on Thu 13 Dec, 2018

Heading out to the mountains to learn how to ski on your own doesn’t mean spending a week on your own, if you don’t want it to. You have the option to book into group ski lessons, so you have others to learn alongside and share the experience with. Alternatively, if you are seeking solitude, private ski lessons can afford you more space to learn and focus on improving, and you will certainly come back skiing all the better for it.

Whether going on holiday on your own, or just the only member of your group in lessons, here are our 3 best points about private and group lessons for solo skiers - and whichever you choose, Ongosa can help find the perfect solution for you.

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A private ski lesson for a solo skier

Get the full attention of your instructor - There is no doubt that having a qualified and experienced instructor all to yourself, analysing your technique and devising exercises aimed specifically at you, is the best way to improve. They will also act as your personal mountain guide - who better to show you around? Think of all that chairlift time when you can ask all your questions about the resort to your very own local guide.

Work on the minute technical issues - Group lessons will naturally mean the instructor is teaching other skiers to progress at the same rate - no-one will be exactly the same level as you, so having your own instructor means you will be getting personalised pointers every run. This is definitely the best option for those who are beyond beginner level, and looking to iron out issues with their technique.

Still have time for group or solo skiing - Remember, if you just take morning lessons for example, you still have free time to meet others or ski on your own in the afternoons. You’re not signing up to a week of skiing exclusively with your instructor.

Group ski lessons for solo skiers

Improve your skiing whilst in a fun social environment - Learning to ski doesn’t mean you can’t have fun - quite the opposite! Having others around to share the learning process with can make you smile, relax, and ski all the better for it.

Meet people you may want to ski with in the afternoons - You may be looking to spend all your time on the slopes with others, in which case group lessons will give you a ready made set of ski buddies, who will all be the same level as you so could be keen to tackle all the same the pistes as you outside your lessons. Want the best of both? Ski with your lesson group in the morning then on your own in the afternoon!

Less pressure when learning in a group - The more relaxed atmosphere does suit some skiers, who are happy to have a predetermined meeting point and time, and ski itinerary chosen for them and just follow along. Being under less direct scrutiny from an instructor can help some to develop, and in a group you can compare yourself to other skiers at a similar level, which can help you learn (sometimes by example, sometimes from their mistakes!)

Useful Resources For Solo Skiers

  • Check out The Ski Gathering if you are looking for single ski holidays{target=_blank}. They run social and single ski holidays for solo skiers and snowboarders looking to share a chalet with other outgoing individuals.

  • Meetup{target=_blank} is a great way to meet others with similar interests to you in your area. It can be a useful tool to find fellow adventurers who may be in the market for people to ski with.

  • Solos Holidays{target=_blank} were the first provider of holidays specifically to meet the needs of the single traveller, and are still the UK’s number one.

These resources are great for helping solo skiers get the best out of their trips. When it comes to finding the right lessons, be that group or private, Ongosa will help you find the best option for your specific needs.

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