What Makes The Ultimate Skier?

At Ongosa, we’ve come across a lot of awesome skiers, snowboarders, instructors and guides. And while we don’t have the secret to becoming the Ultimate Skier, we’ve found a fair few challenges that the best of the best have taken on. Some are obvious, some are a bit audacious and some are outright dangerous, but Ongosa believe that if you can complete this list of 60 items, (keep reading they get wilder!) the title is yours! How do you score?!

Published on Thu 13 Dec, 2018
  1. Spend a whole day carving freshly groomed corduroy, on newly serviced skis.
  2. First lifts on New Years Day, while everyone else deals with a hangover.
  3. Soak your tired muscles in a hot-tub and dive into the snow after.
  4. Struggle through a white-out, but tell everyone it was actually really good and visibility wasn’t that bad.
  5. Fall asleep in a deck chair on the mountain.
  6. Go on a ‘Love ski’ for a first date.
  7. Go night skiing.
  8. Take a ski road trip between resorts.
  9. Abseil into an untracked powder field.
  10. Ski to Italy and get a helicopter back.
  11. Ski home in the dark.
  12. Sleep in a refuge or mountain hut
  13. Turn to the dark side – try out snowboarding if you’re a skier, and vice versa.
  14. Ski in a retro all-in-one.
  15. Drop your phone off a lift.
Ultimate Skier Hot Tub
  1. Go backwards-bar-crawling in the morning, until you find where you left your skis.
  2. Dance on a table in you ski boots at après.
  3. Drink a bar’s home-brewed Genepi.
  4. Fall in love with your instructor or client (or at least a crush!).
  5. Cook a tartiflette and claim it tastes just like the real thing.
  6. Hand in a go pro you’ve found, after taking a few selfies.
  7. Share a hip flask on the chair lift.
  8. Create the ultimate ski playlist.
  9. Ski in August.
  10. Play ‘tin-toss’ (someone releases an unopened can of beer down a quiet run. Chaos ensues as the aim is to catch and drink the beer, without breaking your neck).
  11. Go non-stop from the very first lift, to very last.
  12. Take a nude mountain-top photo. (Chilly!)
  13. Eat in a Michelin starred mountain restaurant.
  14. Teach someone.
  15. Have a shot from a homemade shot ski.
  1. Ski to work.
  2. Race an instructor.
  3. Snap a ski.
  4. Climb up to L’Aiguille Percee ‘Eye of the Needle’ in Tignes.
  5. Ride in a piste basher.
  6. Find untracked powder several days after a snowstorm by using your own initiative.
  7. Try out a mono-ski (pick one up at the flea market in Annecy, last Saturday of each month).
  8. Back off on a line because your instincts are telling you to and happily find yourself back home when the weather deteriorates.
  9. Enter a competition.
  10. Take a cheese fondue to an un-manned hut (and lord it over anyone else there eating freeze dried noodles – fools!)
  11. Find the ‘Lost Valley’ in Val D’Isere.
  12. Skin up the moonlit mountain, to watch the sunrise.
  13. Enjoy hot showers, cold beer and Austrian hospitality on the Silvretta traverse ski tour.
  14. Ski the Galtiberg in Engelberg, on a blue bird powder day.
  15. At long last, master packing your rucksack relative to the conditions, leaving behind the extras you simply don’t need.
  1. Slice open a bottle of champagne, with a freshly edged ski.
  2. Ski from the summit of a volcano.
  3. Lose a ski in the powder and struggle home on one.
  4. Reach your ski descent by horse power – literally!
  5. Take the highest ski lift in Europe, a drag in Zermatt at 3899m on the Klein Matterhorn.
  6. Combat the 78 degree Harikiri in Mayrhofen.
  7. Ski the 16km Sarenne, in Alpe d’Huez: the longest black run in Europe.
  8. Wait until the afternoon and tackle the moguls of La Chavanette, Avoriaz.
  9. Ski and Sail the Norwegian fjords.
  10. Climb and ski a 4,000m summit from the valley floor.
  11. A pure off piste week to explore La Grave before the resort is sold.
  12. Spend a night in a snow hole.
  13. Ski in the Southern Hemisphere.
  14. Acquire the skills to summit and ski Mont Blanc without a guide.
  15. A backflip (obviously).

We’d love to know how you did on the list? Has anyone completed it? Let us know what we should add! Share your score and #ultimateskier on our facebook, or tweet us:

  • 1 – 20 completed = Punter Pace!
  • 21 – 40 completed = Seasonnaire Standard!
  • 41 – 60 completed = Made in the Mountains!

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