What Ski Level am I?

Determining your Ski Level. We all know there’s a huge range of ability out on the slopes (and off the pistes too!), but we don’t always know where we stand among these skill levels.

Published on Wed 10 Apr, 2019

It’s important to know your skill level before booking an instructor or guide to teach you how to ski or snowboard, so that they can tailor the session to you, ensuring you improve as much as possible and get the most out of your trip! Whether you haven’t skied or been snowboarding for a few years, or you’ve never had ‘official’ lessons, we’ve put together an easy-to-use guide defining levels for: 

Skiing on piste

Snowboarding on piste

Skiing off-piste

Snowboarding off-piste

Scroll down to find your level and you’re all set to book one of our recommended guides or instructors!

Learning to ski

Skiing On-Piste

First Timer 

This is my very first time skiing!


I've done a little bit before but I am still mastering stopping and turning in a snowplough on beginner terrain. I am practicing taking my skis on and off and walk on flat terrain with them on. I've been on a dry ski slope or snowdome. I'm still working on easier green terrain.

Strong Beginner 

I can confidently snowplough turn on easier terrain and am pretty good at using all the different lifts. I've started trying to use parallel in between my turns too. If I fall over, I am pretty good at getting up. I can walk over flat and slightly uphill with my skis on. I might start using poles by the end of the week and am starting to learn hockey stops. I am in good control on green runs and working on easier blue runs.


I'm almost always parallel, but still revert to my snowplough turns on tougher stuff - anything too narrow, steep or icy. I'm getting used to having poles in my hand and am practicing skating with my skis on too. I can spray snow with my hockey stops. Pretty confident on blue runs by now and I might even have tried some easy reds as well. 

Strong Intermediate

I am parallel the entire time - I love reds runs and am starting to get used to using my edges when turning too. I can pole plant to help my rhythm and love going over jumps and bumps. I'm increasingly comfortable with going fast and varying terrain. Plenty of practice on red runs. 


I ski with really strong parallel turns, love going really fast and can tackle all reds and most blacks too. I am still perfecting short turns, moguls, carving and tackling all types of varying terrain that the mountain has to offer. I can ski all day on reds and black runs. I'm learning the terrain park rules and how to hit the jumps safely but still have loads of fun. 

All Mountain

I am a very accomplished skier who can tackle any type of pisted run - bumps, jumps, carving, and short turns; you name it, I can ski it no problem.

...Hurrah, you now know your ski level! 

Snowboarding On-Piste

First Timer - Snowboard

First time rider! I'll be riding the beginner terrain.

Novice - Snowboard

I've done some riding before, either on real snow or I've done a few lessons in a snowdome - either way, I am still learning to link my heelside and toeside turns on green terrain. I can already side slip, stop, do the 'falling leaf', as well as using T-bars and chairlifts. I'm working on green runs and maybe an easy blue or two.

Intermediate - Snowboard 

I can link my turns consistently on all green and blue terrain. I might have started to try riding switch and am enjoying getting into a proper rhythm on the board. I might have tried a red run or two by now.

Advanced - Snowboard

I am a pretty solid rider all over the mountain. I am happy on any piste and can comfortably ride too. Continuing improvements on my carving, enabling me to be more aggressive with my short turns, riding at speed, heading off-piste. I can ride some of the off-piste and terrain parks to work on the freestyle aspect of my riding. 

...Hurrah, you now know your snowboard level! 

Skiing Off-Piste

Intro to off-piste

I've never tried proper off-piste or might have practiced in the softer snow off to the sides of the runs. I've never used the avalanche safety gear. Looking for an Introduction to powder, nothing too steep or deep. 

Intermediate off-piste

Some limited experience of off-piste and powder but nothing deep, steep or narrow – looking to build on existing experience and to tackle more challenging terrain. 

Experienced off-piste

I am used to skiing off-piste, certainly, I've had some lessons in skiing the terrain. Freeride is the name of the game. I've used the equipment before and am confident with it. I love tackling anything that the mountain has to offer.

... Hurrah, you now know your ski level!

Snowboarding Off-Piste

Off Piste Snowboarding

Intro to Off-piste - Snowboard

I've never tried riding proper off-piste or might have experimented in the softer snow off to the sides of the runs. I've never used the avalanche safety gear. Looking for an Introduction to how to ride and float over the powder.

Intermediate Off-piste - Snowboard

I’ve ridden off-piste before and am sort of familiar with the safety gear, but could use a refresh. I am comfortable riding through trees and in deeper powder but steeper terrain causes me to revert to bad habits. I want to push my riding, firm up my technique and explore more of the mountain.

Experienced off-piste - snowboard

 I am a confident off-piste rider. I have good knowledge of exploring the backcountry and am very familiar with all the safety gear. I want to ramp up the freestyle elements of my backcountry riding, from long sweeping turns spraying up power, to jumping and presses. I want to find the best-hidden spots and carve my own lines.

... Hurrah, you now know your snowboard level!

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