Which Type Of Ski Lesson Is Right For Me?

We’re not the only ones who think the best ski lessons are tailored to suit you; that’s why instructors are providing a huge range of options to help you improve. Skiers and snowboarders at any level will benefit from instruction. From private one-off sessions to full weeks of group lessons, there will be a lesson to suit.

Published on Wed 09 Jan, 2019

Private Lessons

We’d recommend hiring a private instructor if you like your process of learning how to ski to be tailored and flexible, for just yourself or your entire party. Nervous skiers or snowboarders will benefit from maximum support with a dedicated instructor. At a higher level, private ski lessons are beneficial if you want to work on specific skills or if you suit intense coaching, on or off the piste. The benefits of a service like Ongosa mean you can mix-and-match your lessons; why not start the week with a half-day refresher lesson, then book a full day later in the week, once you’ve got your ski legs – to really improve and explore! Talk to us about what kind of lessons you need for your ski holiday.

Find Group and Private Ski Lessons With Ongosa


Ongosa recommend 2-hour lessons to beginners whose ski fitness might not be up to a longer session, or would like a ‘taster’ session as an introduction to skiing or snowboarding.

2-hour sessions are also recommended for intermediates skiers who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but want a quick session where an instructor will identify any bad habits, and suggest some ‘homework’ or drills to practice in their own time.

½ Day

Skiers and snowboarders who want to improve and use the afternoon to practice, or just to catch up with your friends and family, would benefit from a half-day’s lesson. Going private means you can often choose where your ski lesson starts or ends up.

We’d also recommend an afternoon’s lesson for higher-level skiers or snowboarders, who are happy to use the morning for a thorough warm-up, to get the most out of their lesson later on in the day.


A full day’s lesson is recommended for anyone who want to progress as quickly as possible, this could be for confidence building or mastering a new skill, however be mindful it’s intense and you’ll need stamina and good ski fitness!

Advanced skiers or snowboarders wanting to cover a large distance, or range of conditions skiing on or off piste, should choose a full day’s lesson.


Beginner skiers will make the maximum amount of progress, with a course of multiple lessons. We’d recommend a series of short lessons to groups, of the same standard, who are happy to split the cost.

If you’re an intermediate level skier or boarder, you’d benefit from a week of lessons to explore as much as possible of the area. Especially if you’re skiing off piste – you may not get ideal conditions on a certain day, so hedge your bets and book a course!

Group Lessons

We would recommend group lessons for skiers and snowboarders who enjoy a social experience and a more relaxed learning process. Booking into group lessons is hassle-free as they usually have a pre-determined itinerary, meeting point, skill level etc. Group ski lessons are generally easier on your budget too.

½ Day

It’s easy to recommend ½ day group lessons to complete beginners, because the skill level of the group is guaranteed to be the same. For more advanced and intermediate skiers and snowboarders, be sure you have correctly defined your standard otherwise your half day will just be spent getting the slowest members of the group up to scratch.

You may not know anyone else in your group, so we’d recommend ½ day lessons to intermediate skiers who are confident to continue independently, and ski with friends and family in the afternoon.


A full day’s lesson is the best way to progress as quickly as possible, this could be for confidence building or gaining a new skill at any level.

We’d recommend you book your kids into a full-day group ski lesson: they’re much more likely to master techniques that they can continue to use for the rest of your holiday, if they have a full day to practice initially.

Joining a group for an off-piste lesson, for a full day, is a great way to meet like-minded skiers and experience the best of the mountain, giving you time to find the best conditions.


We’d definitely recommend at least a few group lessons to any beginner skiers or boarders, as it’s the best way to improve as much as possible, but at a lower cost than private lessons.

We’d recommend a weeks-worth of lessons to any higher-level skiers who want to see significant results in a relatively short space of time. Experienced, confident skiers or boarders may be interested in ski touring and freeride camps that usually last about a week.

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