Why You Need To Book Ski Lessons Early

Your ski holiday may still be far from the forefront of your mind. But believe it or not, if you are yet to book lessons the time to think about it is now - ski schools are already booking up fast for the peak weeks of Christmas, New Year, February Half Term, and Easter!

Published on Fri 22 Feb, 2019

You may think you have ages until your winter ski holiday, and while that may be true, it doesn’t mean you have ages to book your ski lessons or snowboard lessons. Many people think that lessons are like lift passes - there are as many to be sold as there are people willing to buy them. In fact there are a finite number of instructors in a resort, and a finite number of spots in lessons - and way more demand than there are places. Here’s why you need to book asap when you want to learn how to ski!

Group ski lessons for solo skiers

Choice of Time of Ski Lessons

Morning vs afternoon - obviously the time of lessons you book can have a big impact on the make-up of your trip. Those who enjoy a sit down with a vin chaud in the afternoon, look sharp.

Morning ski lessons get booked up sooner. If you were wanting to have ski lessons before lunch and your afternoons free to roam or relax, book now.

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Your Pick of the Ski Schools

Booking early means a wider choice of which school you use, rather than just being left with whichever is available later on.

If you are looking to guarantee an English instructor for example, or book the school with the most convenient meeting point for your accommodation, best to book early and have the widest choice available.

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Very Limited Private Ski Lessons in Peak Weeks

Be aware the vast majority of schools do not offer private lessons in peak weeks, only group lessons.

If private lessons are something you are interested in, it’s definitely worth enquiring as early as possible to see if they are even a possibility with any of the local schools.

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Remove the Stress

Remove the stress of not knowing.

You've got your flights, transfers, accommodation already... Why not have ALL the elements of your holiday sorted now, so you don’t have to worry about it later? Get your lessons booked, so you can lie back and relax, with nothing to do but dream of drinking in that clean, cold mountain air.

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Cant Wait Until Your Ski Trip?

Remember you can take ski lessons in the UK before your holiday. Want to get the most of your lessons in resort? Spend some time on skis first to brush up and get back to your best, so that on snow you hit the ground running (not running but… sliding… more smoothly… you know what we mean).

So what are you waiting for? Time to turn your thoughts to winter and get booking - you will stand a much better chance of getting the lessons which are right for you and your family, and give everyone the trip of a lifetime.

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