Surfing in October: Why You Should Go, and Where

You may be surprised to hear that the best time to hit the beach for a surf really isn’t summer - it's autumn. These are our insider tips on the best spots to go surfing in October, and why you should be doing it!

Published on Tue 02 Apr, 2019

Why Go Surfing in October?

Nights are drawing in and coats are coming out, but don’t think that means you shouldn’t hit the beach this October - here's why:

  • Sea water temperatures steadily increase over the warm summer months. The seas then take a couple of months to cool down again in response to the cooler air temperatures of autumn. This delay means the warmest water is actually during September and October.

  • There is also the advantage of bigger swells at this time of year due to low pressure systems out in the Atlantic. For this reason, stages of the World Surf League take place during October, and can be watched at some popular surf spots (read on).

  • Also, due to the school summer holidays having finished, beaches are far less crowded, and there is plenty of availability at the surf schools for those looking to go for the first time or improve their skills. And Ongosa can book the perfect surf lessons for you.

Combine all this, and autumn really is the best time to hit the waves!

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Hossegor, France

The world renowned surf spot of Hossegor is a great destination in its own right for autumn surf, however there is also the added bonus of it hosting the World Surf League Quicksilver Pro which takes place there from the 3rd to the 14th October this year.

This ninth stop of the Men’s Surfing Championship Tour 2018 gives you the chance to get truly inspired by watching the world’s best surfers carving up some of the world’s best waves in jaw-dropping style this autumn.

  • Average October Swell Height: 7 ft
  • Average October Sea Temp: 17°C

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Peniche, Portugal

If you can’t catch the ninth stop on the tour, you may prefer the tenth, at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, in Peniche from 16th October to the 27th. The infamous Supertubos will be providing some top class barrels, so you can choose between watching the pros in the comp, or getting in the water and having a go yourself.

  • Average October Swell Height: 9 ft
  • Average October Sea Temp: 17°C

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Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

With 300 days of sunshine a year and average October highs of 24°C and lows of 17°, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands is our best recommendation for October sun seekers.

And the surfing is pretty top-notch too, with its location off the coast of Morocco drawing big North Atlantic waves… all within easy reach of the UK.

  • Average October Swell Height: 5 ft
  • Average October Sea Temp: 22°C

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San Sebastian, Spain

If you are looking for a city break over autumn, you may not have thought about the possibility of working some surfing into the same trip. Well San Sebastian offers the best of both city and surf, with great beach breaks for the mornings, culture and shopping for the afternoons, and tapas and wine in the evening, all within walking distance.

  • Average October Swell Height: 7 ft
  • Average October Sea Temp: 19°C

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Polzeath, England

Plenty of great surf instruction readily available and a long shallow beach with a gentle break make this our top pick for beginners this autumn. Plus being in Cornwall means easier to access for beginners to take a taster session, more realistic than taking a trip to France or Spain for your first surf trip - not to mention the beautiful autumnal Cornish scenery, best enjoyed with a cup of tea and pasty.

  • Average October Swell Height: 9 ft
  • Average October Sea Temp: 15°C

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So if you were thinking about taking up surfing this year, but thinking you had missed your chance with the end of summer, think again! Ongosa are here to help, we can recommend and book surf schools in Europe's top surf spots, just tell us what you are looking for.

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Swell heights in this article are calculated by counting swells of longer than 7 seconds only, i.e of a rideable length.

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