Top 5 Places to Learn How to Surf in Europe

We've been there and surfed it. Here are our top 5 places to learn to surf in Europe.

Published on Fri 18 Jan, 2019

Learning how to surf isn't just about refining the smoothness of your pop-up technique (although of course this is a large part). Equally important is learning the etiquette of the beach, so you can fit seamlessly into surfer life, and knowing which are the best beginner-friendly beaches to head for when learning how to surf.

Newquay, England 

The true home of surfing in the UK, Newquay in Cornwall is the place to head for the best waves on offer in this country. But that doesn't mean it is too much for beginners - Newquay's relaxed atmosphere means newbies and pros coexist peacefully, and Fistral Beach is always littered with surf school groups learning the ropes.

Biarritz, France

The chic French seaside town of Biarritz is best for beginner surfers in July and August when the waves are smaller. How does a summer evening surf, watching the sun go down over the Atlantic sound?

Lacanau, France

One of France's most popular surf destinations, only an hour from Bordeaux and annual host of the Lacanau Pro, World Surf League Qualifying Series. Its 14 km beach means there is space for all, board rental shops are everywhere you look, and there are plenty of instructors for us to put you in touch with.

Porto, Portugal  

A fantastic destination in its own right to the north of Portugal's coastline, a trip to Porto gives a taste of the country's rich history, and the option to dive into some quality surfing. The region's famous Port wine is also plentiful for the evenings after you have had your fill of the waves - when in Porto…

Bilbao, Spain  

125 miles of Europe's best surf, makes the coastline around Bilbao a must visit for a surfer of any ability - why tick off one the bucket list European surf spots with your first trip? Beginners can enjoy the break as much as anyone else, with peak conditions being in autumn, but the Spanish sun makes summer in Bilbao a popular option too.

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So there you have it, the best 5 places to learn to surf in Europe. If you're visiting - or are even remotely interested in visiting one of these brilliant resorts - let us know and we can pair you up with the best local instructor who'll take your game to the next level.

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