Resort Guides

Published on 23rd Oct 2018

The inside scoop on the resorts you thought you knew best, straight from the local instructors and guides who really do know it best.

Ski Resort Guides

There is nothing quite like having a real human guide to show you a resort and give you the local’s perspective. But when one of those isn’t available, the next best thing is an electronic alternative, in the form of a guide to a resort written by one who knows best, giving you the inside scoop on the bits you can easily miss, but just can’t afford to.

Ski Resort Self-Guided Day Tours

If you are looking to find your way around a new resort for the first time, a ski guide is the best way, but failing this you can take one of our self-guided day tours, to take in the best bits of some of our most popular resorts in just one day, under your own steam but with a little push in the right direction from Ongosa.

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