St Anton Ski Day Itinerary

Take this self-guided tour of St Anton to see the very best one of Austria's top resorts in a single ski day.

Published on Fri 18 Jan, 2019

St Anton is one of the rare resorts that perfectly matches a cosy Alpine town famous for it’s Tyrollean hospitality, with some seriously fun holiday skiing.

So to make the most of it, print or download our St Anton self-guided day tour and guide yourself round a real variety of pistes in the area. This route is perfect if you’ve just arrived and don't have a ski guide in St Anton and want to get your bearings around the mountain, but also for maximising the last few days skiing of your holiday – as you won’t have to worry about choosing where to go - just follow the route!

For more fantastic Ongosa resorts route like this one, we can recommend guides and ski lessons in Austria and the St Anton area, whose impeccable local knowledge means they’ll be able to craft a route that fits your ability and interests perfectly.

Ski pass: ARLBERG

Start point: Glazig cable car

End point: St Anton centre

St Anton bar with a view
Views down the St Anton am Arlberg valley

Head to St Anton's highest point to earn your morning coffee!

Take the GLALZIG cable from the town centre, this is where ski schools meet in the morning.

At the top of GLAZIG head to the right and follow St Anton's lovely wide BLUE 5 to stretch your legs (presumably tired from yesterday’s apres – right?!)

Go up OSTHANG then follow BLUE 9 and merge onto BLUE 11 – keep right and head towards SCHINDLERGRAT chair lift. We would gently suggest getting some speed as you merge onto blue 11; it gets a little flat close to the lift.

Enjoy the views as SCHINDLERGRAT takes you to one of the highest points in St Anton. Exit left and down RED 14, keeping left as you follow the run round. The top of this run is a little narrow but it opens up and has more great views down the valley.

If you feel you deserve refreshments at this point, the Ulmer Hutte on your left is a great sun spot to refuel.

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Cruise long, winding runs back towards St Anton centre

Either way, at the bottom of RED 14, keep right and merge onto BLUE 17. Enjoy cruising this long, wide run which weaves you back down the St Anton valley. Turn left off the bottom of BLUE 17 to take the VALFAGEHR chair lift.

Once you’re on the VALFAGEHR chair lift - keep your eyes peeled for St Anton's famous mountain goats! They’re known to be seen hanging out below.

As you get off the lift you will see a rather long, flat path curving around the mountain to your left. Follow BLUE 12 which merges onto BLUE 4A. It’s pretty key to get good speed down here when you can, as there might be a little bit of pushing yourself!

This run is commonly known as happy valley... it’s the main route back to central St Anton, so can get a little busy! Keep on BLUE 4A which will merge into BLUE 4, then BLUE 1 all the way back down to town. Passing the famous Mooserwirt apres bar on your right towards the bottom! (The place to head for traditional Euro Chant Music).

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St anton piste skiing
Piste skiing in St Anton
Route through the trees in St Anton
Our route takes your through the trees in St Anton

Lunch up the mountain avoids queues

As you get back to base, there are various restaurants but we recommend to hold on if you can! Take GAMPEN chair lift and turn left straight down to KAPAL chair lift.

From here take BLUE 36 or RED 37 (they both join up further down) so you can ski BLUE 24, a lovely winding route through the trees.

When the trees open up, turn left down RED 24A. Off 24A is a great restaurant called the Rodelalm. With a lovely fireplace and good menu! Ski down the rest of RED 24A to take NASSEREIN back up.

Turn left onto RED 20A and then join RED 21 which will take you down to the centre again.

However! On your way down you’ll ski past Krazy Kanguruh and Taps: two of St Anton's seriously fun après bars, busy every day from around 3pm. We challenge you to stay for just one..!

If you’d rather unwind back in town, Underground is a great place for live music or take the bus back up to Mooserwirt for a taste of true Austrian après!

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Carry on skiing if you're not done yet!

If you are keen to keep skiing, ski to the bottom and cross the road to RENDL cable car.

At the top of RENDL is RENDLBEACH. We definitely recommend taking some time out on one of the deck chairs to watch the ‘experts’ show off in St Anton's snow park!

Take a right from RENDLBEACH and go up GAMPBERG. From the top here, there is the lovely RED 2 which joins RED 6. If it’s open, you can have a go on the slalom course too!

When the run splits, take a right onto BLUE R11 and then left onto BLUE R4 to the bottom of RIFFEL 1 chairlift. From here you can take BLUE R11 or BLUE R12 down, which joins onto BLUE R13 back to the top of RENDL.

Take RED R2 then keep left onto RED R1 which will take you all the way back down to town, down a great long run with a variety of trees and wide open space. Perfect for the last run of the day!

Cross the ski bridge and you’re back!

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The sun goes down on another amazing day in St Anton
The sun goes down on another amazing day in St Anton

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