Verbier Ski Day Itinerary

The 4 Valleys is not only Switzerland’s biggest ski area, at 410 kms of runs, but is also one of Europe’s premier Meccas for off-piste skiing. But don’t think that means it is only for experts – there is more than enough varied on-piste skiing to keep all abilities entertained and enthused. Here we have constructed a ski day itinerary which gives a sample of all of Verbier’s varied terrain, from blue to black to marked but un-pisted mogul runs. You will tick off a couple of valleys, and make it all the way to the 3330 metre summit of the area’s awe-inspiring centre piece, Mont Fort.

Published on Thu 13 Dec, 2018

Morning – Up And Out Into The Immense 4 Valleys

The way to start this full ski day, which takes in as broad a selection of the 4 valleys quality skiing as possible is to head straight up the Attelas Mountain. This is the main route out of resort in the morning, so get cracking early to beat the queues. Take the (1) Verbier-Ruinettes gondola from Médran, followed by the (2) Funispace cable car.

Time to clip in - head out and left to the (3) Lacs Bleue, a rolling blue which is as gentle a way to wake up your ski legs as you can hope to find in this extreme ski area. This run leads to the (4) Lac de Vaux 2 Chairlift (be sure to get this, not the Lac de Vaux 1 which goes back up the way you have come). After the chair ride up you now stand atop (5) Chassoure at 2740 metres, and can see the whole descent down into Tortin at 2050 metres stretching before you. This is one of the 4 Valleys’ famous yellow itinerary marked off piste runs – and one of its most popular at that. That being the case, the moguls can become quite pronounced, so take them at your own pace.

By contrast this great fun mogul field turns into a relatively tame blue run into Siviez, down at 1730 metres. You may be glad of the gentler gradient after the thigh-burn of the mogul field, just be sure to carry some speed or self-propulsion may be needed on the flatter sections.

Siviez in Verbier Switzerland

Lunch – A Rest Stop in Siviez

Once down in (6) Siviez, you have a good opportunity to grab a sit down and a bite to eat in the village. For a mid budget option, Fer a Cheval is always a hit with seasonnaires, locals, and holidaymakers alike, with a bistro bar upstairs and quieter seating downstairs with a terrace. Top notch pizza, pasta, salads and grill options to keep you on your feet for the afternoon ahead… you may need it.

Afternoon – To The Highest Heights

Heading out of Siviez, take the long ride first up the (7) Tortin chair, then the Tortin-Gentianes cable car back towards Verbier, all the way to the (8) Col des Gentianes at 2950 metres. From here you have the option to push it right to the very top of the ski area, with the (9) Mont Fort cable car taking you up to the very top of that famous mountain at 3330 metres. The ensuing Mont Fort black run shows off the very best advanced (on piste) terrain the area has to offer.

Les Gentianes Restaurant Verbier Switzerland

This black ends in a (10) drag lift back up to the Col des Gentianes, from where you wont need much more guiding – simply keep to skiers left and follow the rolling red runs right the way from the very top of the resort all the way back into Verbier. This amazing descent of well over a kilometre affords you a stop at the excellent (11) Verbier snowpark and skicross course, if you haven’t yet had enough thrills for one day. Otherwise enjoy the excellent piste quality up high, and just keep skiing. Eventually you will reach the many interlinking runs of the face back into Verbier, and back to your original starting point after getting an amazing day’s sample of what this area can offer.

And the best part is there’s plenty more where that came from, there are still many other pockets (and entire valleys) to explore on your next ski day in one of Europe’s finest mountain ranges.

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