Cost of Ski Lessons and Guiding

Price by Location

The cost of ski instructors and guides does vary considerably (+/- 30%) depending on which country and resort you are skiing. The snow-sports professionals in larger more popular resorts such as Val d'Isere, St Anton and Verbier do charge higher rates as a general rule, but you will have more choice. The services in each resort do also vary, especially at peak times when we strongly advise that you enquire early as resorts can get fully booked months in advance!

Private or Group?

A private guide or instructor is a great option if you want one-on-one instruction to improve your technique and confidence. It also allows you to dictate the pace of day, where you ski, stop for lunch and occasionally pick up and drop off locations. Also, if you and your friends are of a similar level you can share the lesson.

Group lessons allow you to join a group (usually a maximum of 8 people) who are all of a similar level. They are great if you’re trying skiing for the first time, or you want to develop from a beginner into a confident intermediate. The instructor will help you develop your understanding of ski technique, building your confidence and helping you to achieve your goals. You'll also get to ski with other people of your level, which makes it fun. You are on holiday after all!

Example Prices

Please note these are guide prices and actual prices will vary

  France Switzerland Italy Austria
Private Instructor        
Full Day 475 575 350 375
1/2 Day 250 320 165 240
2 Hr 160 235 110 200
Group Lessons        
Full Day 110 130 120 150
Week of Full Day 450 550 380 500
1/2 Day 90 115 110 90
Week of 1/2 Day 250 405 200 295
Off-Piste Guiding        
Full Day Private 450 615 400 425
Half Day Private 280 355 220 240
Full Day Group 120 145 150 130
Kids Group Lessons        
Full Day 60 130 120 75
Week of Full Day 400 550 295 400
Week of 1/2 Day 300 400 220 275
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