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Start – Base of Sunnegga Funicular


Perfect view of the Matterhorn


Lunch – Fluhalp Restaurant

Zermatt Self-Guided Day Tour

By Team Ongosa

Skiing One Of Europe’s Premier Resorts

Only have one day in Zermatt to take in the very best of the resort? Or lining up the first ski day of a week long holiday and want to get your bearings? This self-guided ski tour of one of Europe’s premier resorts is a great place to start.

This route only takes in the Zermatt ‘local’ area, if you are looking to purchase an ‘international’ full area ski pass, there is plenty more to explore over the Italian border in Cervinia. There is so much to explore just on Zermatt’s side of the Matterhorn, that it can be most cost effective to buy the local pass, and just upgrade to the full area for a day or two and save on what can otherwise be a pricey full-area pass.

For help constructing an international itinerary, we can recommend highly experienced and informed local guides and instructors who know all the wider resorts many fascinating far corners to explore.

Ski Pass: Zermatt Local Area Pass
Start Point: Sunnegga Funicular Station
End Point: Klein Matterhorn Lift Base Station

Take in the World-Famous Views in the Morning

The place to start your ski day is at the base of the (1) Sunnegga funicular, which elevates you from resort level at 1620 metres to the (2) lift station at 2288 metres in just 4 minutes. From there, carry on right to the top of the mountain by taking the (3) Blauherd lift up – you can choose to ride either on a chair or in a gondola, choose the gondola as you will need to keep your skis off for the next leg, which is the cable car ride all the way up to (4) Rothorn, one of Zermatt’s main peaks at 3103 metres.

Now you are up at the top of the resort, take a minute to catch your breath and look down and out at one of the premier views in the European Alps, at that view of the Matterhorn.

Getting Ready To Ski

Zermatt Getting Ready To Ski

Fluhalp Restaurant

Zermatt Fluhalp Restaurant

Now you are ready for one of the continent’s most amazing descents, matching the stunning views – Red 11 Rotweng flows down and right out of the cable car exit. When you get to Blauherd bear right as Red 11 becomes Red 9 Tufteren, and winds you down into the trees, ending at the (5) Patrullarve chairlift at 2000 metres. A 1000 metre descent which is one of the most beautiful and rewardingly leg-burning you will ever ski.

Take the chair up, followed by the Rothorn cable car again to get back up (4) top. Depending on time, you may find yourself wanting to lap this route down to Patrullarve again. There are many great ways of getting down, and for more advanced skiers we would very much recommend the yellow itinerary runs (marked off-piste routes). Just follow the yellow poles down the mountain for some breath-taking turns, often so isolated it feels as if you have the whole valley to yourself.

Lunch – Fine Dining and Even Finer Surroundings

This extra curricular treat aside, our tour descends from Rothorn on red 19 to Fluhalp. There is a collection of genuinely world-class restaurants in this valley. Try (6) Fluhalp Restaurant for a classic taste of Zermatt’s signature blend of Swiss tradition and international flair (accompanied by live music and the obligatory stunning Matterhorn views).

Afternoon – To The Highest Point of Europe’s Highest Resort

(7) The Gant – (8) Hohtalli cable car bears you up to 3286 metres again before you know it. The sheer height of this ski tour means the snow conditions on these runs are almost always impeccable – and Zermatt’s amazing snow-making facilities ensure that they are.

Red 44 Hohtalli rolls you down to Gornergrat, Zermatt’s centre of intermediate skiing. This is where instructors bring their groups, and the closest thing Zermatt has to a beginner area. Don’t take that to mean it’s not enjoyable skiing, even the most advanced will enjoy the gently rolling blues which ripple down under the Gifthittli chair. You are now into your second 1000 metre descent of the day, follow these runs which flow into each other right back down to the bottom – Blue 36 Gornergrat – Red 39 Riffelalp – Red 41 Landtunnel – Red 42 Schweigmatten.

Matterhorn Backdrop

Zermatt with Matterhorn Skiing

This gorgeous intermediate descent brings you to (10) Furi, and the mid-station of the Klein Matterhorn gondola. Relax, this upward journey all the way up the flank of the iconic mountain lasts around 20 minutes. When you reach (11) Trockener Steg at 2939 metres, you unbelievably still have another vertical kilometre of your upward journey to go! From here take the highest lift in Europe, the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car right up to (12) 3883 metres. You could now feasibly be the highest person in the continent with skis on – pretty cool. And you also have the longest descent of the day to enjoy as a finale.

Simply take every right fork of the pistes available and follow this amazing multi-kilometre journey on skis down through (13) Schwarzee, Furi, and finally back into the resort. Zermatt’s premier après ski bar (14) Hennu Stall is there waiting to welcome you with open arms at the bottom of the piste. A hard-earned tasty Swiss wheat beer if ever there was one.

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