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user: Rob



About Rob

Rob Jarvis is an International Mountain Guide providing ski guiding and training courses based in the Chamonix Valley. He also has a long mountaineering apprenticeship and has visited most of the fantastic venues in the UK for rock and ice climbing. 


Hi Rob, I must say it was a trip well worth waiting for. I really enjoyed the mountains and plan to go back as soon as I can.' - Mark Hi Rob ,We very much enjoyed our weekend - Guy was good with us - and we had good weather.' - David Many thanks for the fantastic trip. We all had a great time, and to be honest, once we were up there I don't think any of us had any regrets about the plan B option.' - Callum


He's climbed a wide variety of extreme British rock routes from the Hebridean uber-classics 'A Prophecy of Drowning' and 'Voyage of Faith' to the Welsh mountain and sea cliff classics like Great Wall and Right Wall (Cloggy & Dinas Cromlech); Suspense and Trevallen Pillar (Pembroke) and 'Run Fast Run (not) Free' and Hunger at Gogarth.

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