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user: Paul



About Paul

Paul has been based in Chamonix since 2003. Paul is passionate about snowboarding and wants everyone to try it. For him, it’s like showing someone round a town or place that he's extremely proud to be from. Paul's formal training with BASI has provided the platform to reach out to others and help them to their feet for the first time. Patience, knowledge, sense of humour, talent and modesty are all things that Paul has in abundance.


David Cousino — 5 stars: Paul has a great talent for teaching this sport. He has the patience of a saint and a great technical eye to analyze what's going wrong and right while it's happening. I highly recommend him for anyone at any level. February 28, 2015 Philip Milton — 5 stars: When i asked a local to Chamonix who the best snowboarding tutor is, without hesitation he responded Paul at Horsemouth Snowboarding and he was spot on right. After 6 years of being off the board, and with a string of health issues that happened during that hiatus that still have an effect on my health and body to this day, Paul took this all into account and worked on how we would get me back up to speed on the board. Key issues he helped address and rectify:- 1. Binding layout to allow for maximum control and comfort. 2. Posture and poise whilst traveling to produce better style and stability on all snow types. 3. New techniques of board control, after 8-9 years without a lesson things have changed for the better and it is worth learning them. Also for the first time I had video analysis of my riding done, and then reviewed on the hill. So the only thing else i can say is that Paul is friendly, very patient and enthusiastic to get your level of riding as high as you want it to be, all this resulted in me doing runs and powder lines i wouldn't have thought of doing in my early 20's and now i'm doing them in my early 30's. Now I'm already saving up for next years trip and lessons with Horsemouth Snowboarding. Truly amazing service and thank you Paul for getting me really up and riding again.


I enjoy going snowboarding with my friends on my days off and with my clients when I'm working. It's pretty much a smiliar format! More and more I am seeking to explore outwardly deeper into the mountains and inwardly into my own character to get the most out of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I love being outdoors and active sports are what make me feel most alive and free.


All my achievements are for me and are too small to mention here.

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